when you're gone.

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crashed into you

the girl: keelyj. eighteen. australian irish princess. brunette soon to be blonde. single. hopeless romantic. random. lovable. messy. crazy. in love. sweet. honest. artist. roleplayer. sad. passive.
the tunes:: daughtry, young love, anberlin, something corporate, maroon five, kelly clarkson, bethany joy galelotti, michelle featherstone, thirsty merc, three days grace, lonestar.
the shows: one tree hill, supernatural, lost, heroes, friday night lights, desperate housewifes, big brother, neighbours, family guy,
the buds: kayla, ALLY, katie, kaley, taylor, dani leigh, danikins, coty, chris, jhase, molly, travis, abi.
the husbands ryan hansen, jensen ackles, chad michael murray, shia labeouf, brendon urie, chris evans, josh duhamel. eric dane.
the ships: chad/autumn, tim/tyra, brooke/chase, lucas/peyton, dean/haley, izzie/alex, kate/sawyer, janae/ned.

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people always leave.
-- peyton sawyer
100x100, 3 doors down, 3rd eye blind, 8th and ocean, a walk to remember, adam brody, adobe photoshop, alexis bledel, all american rejects, alter bridge, andrew mcmahon, bam margera, banner, base icons, bases, bethany joy lenz, black eyed peas, box car racer, boys, brooke davis, brooke/mouth, bryan greenberg, cascada, chad michael murray, christina aguilera, coco chanel, dancing, dashboard confessional, dawn of the dead, dean winchester, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, disney, drawing, fall out boy, fanart, fanfiction, finch, frank iero, friends, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, goo goo dolls, graphics, grey's anatomy, haley james scott, hawthorne heights, header, hilarie burton, horror movies, howie day, icons, internet, jared padalecki, jason mraz, jensen ackles, jessica alba, jimmy eat world, josh duhamel, kittens, kristin cavallari, laguna beach, las vegas, lindsay lohan, love, lucas scott, lucas/haley, maggie grace, maroon 5, mary-kate and ashley olsen, mean girls, mood themes, movies, music, my boyfriend, my chemical romance, my whore, naley, nathan scott, new york, nicky hilton, one tree hill, panic!, peyton sawyer, peyton/lucas, photoshoots, photoshop, prison break, rachel bilson, rihanna, rogue, roleplaying, romance, romeo and juliet, rooney, sam winchester, screamo, seth cohen, singing, snow patrol, something corporate, sophia and chad, sophia bush, staind, summer/seth, sunshine, supernatural, taking back sunday, text icons, that 70's show, the ataris, the click five, the day after tomorrow, the donnas, the hush sound, the notebook, the oc, the postal service, the ring, the veronicas, thunderstorms, titanic, vertical horizon, walk the line, wicca, writing, x-men: evolution, yellowcard, ♥.